Loyola University Chicago

Department of History

Social History


Title/s:  Professor Emeritus

Office #:  Crown Center 502

Phone: 773.508.2221

Email: mallee@luc.edu


Mark Allee (PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1987; BA University of Kansas, BA, 1975) is Professor Emeritus of History at Loyola University Chicago, where he taught courses on East Asian and Chinese history. He previously at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Kansas.

Allee’s research and writing examines the history and evolution of law, legal culture and local society in nineteenth-century China. His most prominent publication, Law and Society in Late Imperial China: Northern Taiwan in the Nineteenth Century Stanford University Press, 1994), was translated and published in Chinese by Appleseed Publishing in 2003. His current research examines legal culture and philosophy at the local level during the Qing (1644–1912) dynasty, contracts and property rights in Qing litigation, and the integration of China in world history in the early modern period. He has received a number of fellowships and research awards. In addition to publication, he has appeared in the local print media to comment on Falun Gong and Chinese New Year.

Research Interests

Early Modern (16th–19th centuries), social history, local history, law and society.

Courses Taught

HIST 108: East Asia Since 1500

HIST 345: Reform and Revolution in China, 1800–1949

HIST 346: China Since 1949: The People's Republic

Selected Publications

"The Status of Contracts in Nineteenth-Century Courts." In Contract and Property in Early Modern China, edited by Madeleine Zelin, Jonathan K. Ocko, and Robert Gardella. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2004.

Law and Local Society in Late Imperial China: Northern Taiwan in the Nineteenth Century. Stanford University Press, 1994.

"Code, Culture, Custom: Foundations of Civil Case Verdicts in a Nineteenth Century Court." In Civil Law in Qing and Republican China, Edited by Philip C.C. Huang and Kathryn Bernhard. Stanford University Press, 1994.