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Andrew Wilson

Title/s:  Advanced Lecturer

Office #:  LT 926/CC 552

Email: awilso@luc.edu

CV Link: Wilson A CV


Dr. Wilson originally hails from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He holds a PhD in History from Loyola University Chicago as well as an MSSc in Irish Politics from Queens University Belfast and a BA in History and Politics from Manchester Metropolitan University. He is the author of “Irish-America and the Ulster Conflict, 1968-1995” (Washington; Catholic University of America Press, 1996) and numerous scholarly articles on Irish American and Modern Irish history.  He has presented numerous papers at scholarly conferences and is a frequent guest lecturer at public forums and panels in both sides of the Atlantic.

Research Interests

The US role in the Northern Ireland Conflict, particularly the Clinton administration 1994-2000

Modern Ireland; World War I and II

US Immigration History

Irish America; US in the 1960s

Contemporary European Ethnic Conflicts

Courses Taught

HIST 101: The Evolution of Western Ideas and Institutions to the Seventeenth Century

HIST 102: The Evolution of Western Ideas and Institutions since the Seventeenth Century

HIST 211: The United States to 1865

HIST 212: The United States since 1865

HIST 308A: A History of Rome to Constantine

HIST 321: Europe in the Nineteenth Century, 1815-1900

HIST 324: Italy in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

HIST 326 - Ireland: From Colony to Nation State

HIST 335 - The Second World War

HIST 336: Contemporary Europe, 1945 to the Present

HIST 384 - The Irish Diaspora in America