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German Studies Minor

German Studies Minor

The Department of Modern Languages & Literatures now offers a German Studies Minor interdisciplinary program. Further refining Loyola as a center of global study, this program allows students to understand the social, historical, political, and economic background of German culture world-wide and its impact on contemporary life.

Along with a solid grounding in German language, students may consider taking courses across the College of Arts & Sciences curriculum that relate to the German-speaking world, for example, in history, sociology, political science, and theology. One of the stronger program components encourages students to study abroad. Currently, the Office of International Programs offers several options that include small-town experiences in Luneburg, Heidelberg, and Freiburg, along with cosmopolitan immersive experiences in Berlin and Vienna. From Chicago to Europe, Loyola students have the opportunity to seek knowledge across continents. For additional details, please review the German Studies Minor website or our German Studies information sheet.

German Studies information sheet