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The Master of Public Health in Public Health Policy and Management (PHPM) degree is a 42 credit hour program. This track incorporates curriculum that studies the organization, structure, and delivery of health-related services, and associated population health outcomes. Students may customize their academic focus in either public health policy or administration, or both. As part of Loyola’s MPH mission, an emphasis is given throughout the coursework on health equity and social justice. The PHPM curriculum consists of 6 core courses (18 credit hours), 5 program specific courses (15 credit hours), and 6 elective credits. Students must also complete a practicum (1 credit) and capstone project (2 credits).

The practicum is usually an internship or field study that provides the student with practical experience in a public health setting requiring the student to apply and integrate the skills and knowledge learned during their graduate study.

The Capstone is a student-led project which culminates with a professional presentation and written manuscript. The project should demonstrate students’ ability to integrate and apply the program learning to a specific public health topic of their choosing.

The PHPM track program was designed to provide flexibility to accommodate the course load and schedule needs of working students. The program can be completed online, with the exception of the practicum experience, which requires physical presence at the student’s selected field site. Local students may opt to take selected courses on-campus.  

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