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Public Service Leadership

Complex societal problems/issues need trained professionals to mitigate & problem solve as agents of change for their communities. The problem and solution focused, MA in Public Service Leadership degree is looking to bring together justice sensitive leaders who will mitigate complex societal problems and issues and lead to serve our communities.

This degree broadens the concept of public service and places specific emphasis on leadership in public service through governmental, non-profit, and human service organizations. Students will move between the disparate but overlapping health/social sectors and the values and skills attained are adaptable to a variety of organizations, including public-private partnerships.

Students will engage with one another and faculty through assignments, discussion, and exercises which will provide you with intellectual challenges and true dialogue that invites you to consider different ideas and realities in new and deeper ways. You will discern your unique and particular gifts and find ways to put that into the service of others.

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