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Business Data Analytics - summer accelerated program

Online. 10 Weeks. At Your Convenience.

Get the skills you need to interpret data and make data-driven business decisions in our accelerated, online Business Data Analytics certificate program. Complete the program in just 10 weeks from anywhere in the world; the certificate requires completion of five 2-week courses in 10 consecutive weeks 

Our certificate will equip you to be a strategic, data-driven leader, while also guiding you through the software, languages, and methodologies for modeling and analyzing data.
Upon completion of the certificate program, you will be able to leverage your knowledge to identify new business opportunities, assess a current business situation, formulate strategic recommendations, and help your company gain a competitive advantage through data analysis. You’ll also be prepared to manage teams of developers, as you will be exposed to languages and tools, including R, SQL, Tableau, and data modeling software.

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