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Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management (LLM & MJ)

LLM in Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management

Government and industry operate in a complex world of rules. Your skills in navigating the latest regulations and related compliance can help you map a strong career opportunity.

The Master of Laws (LLM) in Compliance & Enterprise Risk Management is a post-JD master's degree program tailored for attorneys seeking to develop or sharpen special expertise in transactional law and compliance. You'll learn the practical skills for advising corporate clients on best practices across a wide range of industries. Should you choose to focus on compliance, through our accredited program you will be eligible to receive a Certificate in Compliance, enabling you to sit for compliance industry examinations.

MJ in Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management

By staying ahead of the changing regulatory landscape, you can position yourself and your business for the future. In Loyola's Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) degree program in Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management, you will focus on learning key compliance and risk management concepts across industries.

This online program is designed to help you build the legal knowledge and develop the skill set to create proactive solutions to day-to-day business challenges. You’ll also be eligible to sit for compliance industry examinations to earn additional credentials to advance your career.

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