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Going back to school was never so easy!

Going back to school was never so easy!

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) is strengthening its support for working adults and other post-traditional students by increasing its offerings of online courses, degrees, and certificates.  In Fall 2014, SCPS added 4 additional BA programs to its online portfolio, bringing the total to 6.

By expanding opportunities for online learning, SCPS makes its programs more convenient, flexible, and feasible for working adult students. Our online courses provide the same high quality content and are taught by the same expert faculty as other SCPS courses. SCPS offers online orientations and support to students who are enrolled, planning to enroll, or interested in learning more about online classes.

To learn more about our online courses, and how we can help make school a stress-free and fulfilling experience for you, click here!