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Loyola Online: Flexibility and Support

Loyola Online: Flexibility and Support

Q: Was online study what you expected?

A: I was initially nervous at the thought of an online education. My experience at Loyola really changed that. From the moment you start, there’s a strong sense of community. Professors and peers are available for discussion and support. Professors are willing to talk with you by phone, by text, and by email, and they connect you with your peers through discussion boards and group projects.

Q: How do you balance your online courses with work?

A: As a nurse, I work every schedule possible: nights, days, and sometimes ten- and twelve-hour days. Online classes are great because you listen to the lecture and complete the assignment on whatever time is best for you—on your days off, after work, or before work. The professors understand the challenges of being a nurse, so they work with you to help you succeed. You’re never alone!

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