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If you think you have invented something in the course of your research...

ORS provides support to Loyola University faculty researchers at the lakeside campuses who invent or discover a new technology. These services are also available to staff and students insofar as these individuals are covered by the university’s patent policy. The Technology Transfer program addresses technology disclosure questions, intellectual property issues, technology licensing, and the development of business and marketing plans. Researchers benefit because Loyola has a royalty sharing policy that allows the researcher to receive a certain percentage of any royalties or fees generated from a party (company) that licenses or buys the technology.

Inventions are, under federal patent law (U.S.C. Title 35), novel and useful ideas relating to processes, machines, manufactures, and compositions of matter. An invention can be made solely or jointly with others as co-inventors. To be recognized legally, a co-inventor must have conceived of an essential element of an invention or contributed substantially to the general concept.

As soon as a concept is formed in a researcher's mind, he/she should record it and have it witnessed, for example, in his/her laboratory notebook. This is important to establish priority of inventorship. Things to think about recording:

  • Names of the researcher(s) and department(s)
  • Nature of the research (e.g., machine, process, composition of matter)
  • Description of your concept, including key advantages over existing technology
  • Information on any external grants that funded the work leading to this concept

The next step is to download an ‌. Reviewing this form should help you decide whether you have reached the point where you want to have the invention looked at by others, in confidence, to help determine whether, at this stage of development, it is both (a) patentable and (b) marketable. If you are interested in what happens after you submit this disclosure form, please click here.

If you'd rather not fill out the disclosure form, you can get the ball rolling by simply sending a brief email to the Interim ORS Director (Angie Vaca, avaca1@luc.edu).

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