Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work


Foundation Courses

Please note, 300 level courses are currently being updated, please check back for updates.

For course prerequisite information, please view the LOCUS Course Catalog.

  • SOWK 200: Introduction to Social Work
  • SOWK 301: Practice Skills with Individuals and Families I
  • SOWK 302: Integrated Micro/Mezzo/Macro Theory and Practice
  • SOWK 303: Group Work Practice in Social Work: Micro, Mezzo, Macro
  • SOWK 305: Lifespan Development, Human Behavior, Trauma, and Theory
  • SOWK 307: Social Work Policy and Community Interventions
  • SOWK 330: Field I & Simulated Experience
  • SOWK 340: Field II & Simulated Experience
  • SOWK 350: Prep for Practice
  • SOWK 362: Field Seminar Foundations
  • SOWK 370: Power, Oppression, Privilege and Social Justice
  • SOWK 380: Assessment of Client Concerns in Context
  • SOWK 390: Research and Evaluation in Social Work Practice