Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

Course Availability by Term

The following is the list of courses that are offered by term. If a course is offered during a specific term, it will be denoted by an “X” placed in the box of that term. 

Prior to class registration, students can perform a class search in LOCUS to determine if a course is being offered. If the course does not appear when a search is done, the class is either full (i.e., closed) or is not being offered that term.

Students should be advised that all course offerings are subject to change. Courses may be canceled or switched to alternative terms or modalities (on campus/online/hybrid) due to program needs. Please check the LOCUS Course Catalog for the most current details.

BSW Courses (SOWK)
Course Title Fall Spring  Summer
200 Introduction to Social Work X X  
301 Practice Skills with Individuals and Families X X  
302 Integrated Micro/Mezzo/Macro Theory and Practice   X  
303 Group Work Practice in Social Work: Micro/Mezzo/Macro X X  
305 Lifespan Development, Human Behavior, Trauma, and Theory X X  
307 Social Work Policy and Community Intervention X X  
330 Internship I and Simulated Experience X X X
340 Internship II and Simulated Experience   X X
350 Preparation for Practice X X  
362 Internship Seminar Foundations X X X
370 Power, Oppression, Privilege, and Social Justice X X  
390 Research and Evaluation in Social Work Practice   X  
380 Assessment of Client Concerns in Context X X  
Title Fall Spring  Regular Summer
360 Independent Study X X X  
361 Special Topics X X    
709 Social Work and Law   X    
714 Philanthropy, Public Policy, and Community Change   X    
722 Intro to Alcohol and Other Drug Disorders X X X  
730 Immigration Dynamics and U.S. Social Policy   X    
731 Social Work Practice with Refugees and Human Rights   X    
732 Migration, Social Justice, and Human Rights X      
733 North American Migration Dynamics: Challenges and Opportunity     X Taught abroad in Mexico
735 Loss, Grief, and Dying X X    
CIEP 401 The Exceptional Child X X X