Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work


Incoming BSW students will be assigned two academic advisors as they move through the undergraduate degree program. BSW Freshmen and 1st semester Sophomores will be assigned an Undergraduate Advisor from the Office of First and Second Year Advising at the Sullivan Center.

BSW juniors, seniors, and all transfer students are advised by Jodi Goode. Jodi can be reached at jgoode@luc.edu and by phone at 312.915.7092. Students can schedule an appointment with Jodi via Navigate.  

Academic Standing

A full-time student who fails to earn credit over one semester may be restricted to part-time enrollment at the dean's discretion. Any full-time student who fails to earn at least 9 credits over two semesters can be dismissed for lack of academic progress. A student who is at risk of not earning credit should schedule a meeting to discuss program options with Dr. Jeanne Sokolec, BSW Program Director. Dr. Sokolec can be reached at jsokole@luc.edu to discuss program options.

BSW Student Handbook

Honors: Candidates for the honors degree must meet the general requirements for the Interdisciplinary Honors program.

Laudatory Status: A student who earns a cumulative Loyola GPA of at least 3.50 will be graduated cum laude (with honors); of at least 3.70, magna cum laude (with high honors); of at least 3.90, summa cum laude (with highest honors). For the purpose of calculating the grade point average (GPA), averages are NOT rounded, i.e., 3.49 is not rounded to 3.50. Laudatory status requires exactly 3.50 or better.

Transfer students must complete a minimum of 60 graded Loyola hours (excluding pass-no pass hours) to be eligible for academic honors. Work completed at a program or college not formally affiliated with Loyola will not be counted. The computation is based on the student's entire academic career at Loyola.

Laudatory status for the degree will be based on certification of all requirements and may differ from the status announced at graduation ceremonies if degree requirements are not certified at the time of the ceremony.

University Core Requirements: Loyola undergraduates also are required to fulfill core curriculum requirements.

Requirements for Internship: All students must complete an internship in an agency approved by the School of Social Work. For more information, see the Internship page

General electives: Students take approximately 25 credit hours of general electives. Students may consider taking courses that can count towards a double major, a minor, or towards the MSW.

Graduate elective options: Students may transfer up to two elective courses towards the MSW program. A grade of B or higher is required to transfer courses into the MSW. The courses that can transfer include SOWK 205, SOWK 361, CIEP 401, as well 700-level courses.