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As a Registered Student Organization (RSO), you are eligible to request and receive funding from the Student Activity Fund (SAF) by submitting a request on LUCommunity during the allocations cycles.

  • The Student Activity Fund (SAF) is funded by a portion of the undergraduate Student Development Fee. The SAF is accessible to Registered Student Organizations and managed by the Allocations Committee, a part of Student Government of Loyola Chicago (SGLC). This resource can be applied for within different cycles to provide events, educational opportunities, and student organization functions open to all Loyola students.  
  • The SAF will be awarded based on the guidelines shared by the Allocations Committee within a viewpoint-neutral manner within the understanding of the mission of the University. All groups must complete all required funding request forms.  
  • Please note: Any funds allocated by the approval of the Allocations Committee in SGLC belong to Loyola University of Chicago student body at large, not to individuals or student organizations. Use of allocated funds is a privilege, which may be withdrawn or adjusted based on the Allocations Committee, Allocations Advisor, and administration of Division of Student Development’s discretion.  

On the left taskbar, you will find more information about the process, the deadlines, and other funding sources.