Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability


Recycling, Waste Reduction, and Composting

‌‌What can you recycle at Loyola? Click here to find out!

Through our programs and education, Loyola is making great strides to conserve resources and reduce the university’s impact on the environment.

Loyola's recycling program is managed by the Facilities Management Department.

  • The University standard for bins is a black landfill bin and a blue recycling bin. These should always be located beside each other.
  • If you are missing a bin, or have too many bins and need them removed, place a Work Order Request.
  • For information on what can be recycled through our blue bin system, please see What to Recycle at Loyola?

Facilities partners with the Department of Purchasing, the Office of Sustainability and Residence Life Office to reach out across the campus to address waste issues. If you would like someone to discuss Loyola's recycling program at a staff or departmental meeting, please contact the Office of Sustainability. If you would like to address recycling in your Residence Hall, contact your Residence Hall Director.


Loyola's recycling rates continue to increase and landfill rates continue to decrease!


Please use the following links to learn more about waste reduction and diversion efforts at Loyola: