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Digital Media Labs

Computing Facilities: Multimedia and Multi-Purpose

Digital Media Services maintains over 30 computer lab and kiosk locations across the Lakeshore and Water Tower campuses. These locations range from open-access spaces, high traffic kiosk locations, to shared departmental-only locations. Workstations are accessible to students, faculty and staff and in select locations, alumni and community guests. Our efficient and secure workstations are available for to complete academic pursuits such as research, assignments, presentations, course registration, or just a place to check email and catch up with information online. We have a variety of features including:

  • Efficient and secure Windows and Mac workstations
  • Black & White and Color printers that support printing from personal devices
  • Document scanners and photocopiers
  • Workstations and spaces focused on accessibility
  • Collaborative and digital media-focused locations
  • Quiet academic study workspaces

For more information on lab locations and features, visit the Lab Locations page.

Digital Media Labs

Our primary locations where our advisors and staff support can be found are our Digital Media Labs. These spaces are open-access to all students, faculty and staff and feature both Windows and Mac workstations. While all multimedia labs feature the Adobe Creative Cloud, the Digital Media Labs serve as a creative outlet to create and develop multi-faceted media projects such as video editing, graphic design and audio production software applications, hardware and support.

On-Site Support

For direct support or computer lab advising, visit us at one of our staffed service locations:

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