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Green House


This three-story residence that belonged to Illinois State Representative John G. Jacobson came into Mundelein College‚Äôs possession in 1929. On September 8, 1929, Sister Mary Justitia and four young BVMs who would be the first faculty moved into the building they called "the little green house" or sometimes "west campus" located at 6367 Sheridan Road. It would serve as their home while Mundelein's main building, the Skyscraper, was built. The house had a bedroom converted to a chapel, another bedroom hosting six women religious, and three bathrooms shared with nightly schedules. After the construction of the Skyscraper was completed, the house was no longer needed. The BVMs left the Green House on September 1, 1930 and moved into the nearly finished Skyscraper. The house was razed in 1930 to make room for a parking lot.


Mundelein College building

Two women, likely Mundelein College students, play music inside the "little Green House", 1930. Mundelein College Photograph Collection.

Mundelein College building

Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVMs) gather in the chapel of the "little Green House", 1930. Mundelein College Photograph Collection.