Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Provost


The operational subcommittee pre-reviews proposals before they go to BUS and/or GSCB. The committee considers operational issues that may arise as a result of the proposal. The committee does not evaluate the content of the curriculum associated with a proposal. The subcommittee Chair provides the person who submitted the proposal with feedback that must be addressed when the proposal is reviewed at BUS and/or GSCB. The written proposal should be updated to include information requested by the operational subcommittee. The revised proposal should be sent to the Chair of the operational subcommittee as well as the Chair of BUS and/or GSCB at least one week prior to review. At times, the operational issues are deemed substantial enough that the proposal cannot be sent forward to the committee (e.g., the proposal is incomplete). More often, the person who submitted the proposal verbally addresses the operational issues during the meeting in addition to addressing the issues in writing within the revised proposal.