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Meet the ACE Tutors

Meet the ACE Tutors

Our ACE Tutors have a wide range of availability to fit students’ busy schedules. ACE students can arrange a one-on-one session on Navigate for any subject. Visit the Navigate scheduling system to be paired with the right tutor! To schedule an appointment, go to https://luc.navigate.eab.com.

An Phan, Tutoring Program Assistant

Graduate Program: EdS School Psychology 

An Phan is an interdisciplinary professional drawing from over 5 years of experience in music education, public policy research, special education and higher education.  This fall semester An is excited to be joining the ACE and Tutoring Center at Loyola University as the Tutoring Program Assistant (TPA).  Currently An is an EdS School Psychology student in the School of Education at Loyola University. An has received a Bachelor of Musical Arts in Psychology and Piano Performance, and a Master of Education in Educational Psychology.  

Anthony Pusateri, Junior, Lead Tutor

Major: Nursing

Involvement on Campus: RA, Nursing SI, ACE tutor/scholar, SNAIL

Favorite Part of ACE: I love the community and the love I feel every time I walk into the lounge or attend an ACE event.

Courses Taught: GNUR 155, GNUR 155L, GNUR 160, GNUR 160L, GNUR 203, GNUE 238, GNUR 238L, STAT 103, GNUR 207, GNUR 102, GNUR 156, GNUR 297, GNUR 156L, UCWR 110, BIOL 101, BIOL 111

Charlene Guerrero, Senior, Lead Tutor

Major: M/C Neuroscience & Molecular Biology

Minor: Biostatistics

Involvement on Campus: Training & Professional Development Committee (TPDC) for the Tutoring Center, Biology Research Lab, Physics Teaching Assistant, Neuroscience Society, Nu Rho Psi, Band of Wolves (BOW)

Favorite Part of ACE: The community! I appreciate the endless support and encouragement that everyone gives.

Courses Taught: BIOL 251, BIOL 252, BIOL 296, BIOL 362, BIOL 376, CHEM 101, CHEM 102, CHEM 111, CHEM 112, CHEM 223, CHEM 224, CHEM 225, CHEM 226, HONR 101, HONR 102, NEUR 101, PHYS 111, PHYS 111L, PHYS 112, PHYS 112L

Cian Dotson, Senior, Tutor


Major: Bioinformatics (Masters), Biology

Minor: Biostatistics and Women’s Studies and Gender Studies (WSGS)

Involvement on Campus: Researcher in the Grillo Lab, Supplemental Instructor for BIOL 101 

Favorite Part of ACE: Getting to know and work with present students and future collaborators and great minds. 

Courses Taught: BIOL 101, BIOL 102, BIOL 111, BIOL 112, BIOL 251, BIOL 265, BIOL 282, BIOL 283, BIOL 302, BIOL 388, BIOL 392, COMP 141

Cody O'Connor, Sophomore, Tutor

Major: Biochemistry

Minor: Spanish Language

Involvement on Campus: Heart for the Unhoused, American Chemical Society

Courses Taught: BIOL 101, BIOL 102, BIOL 282, CHEM 160, CHEM 161, CHEM 180, CHEM 181, CHEM 240, CHEM 242

Kaitlyn McKinley, Sophomore, Tutor


Major: Forensic Science

Minor: Anthropology

Involvement on Campus: Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity, Students for Pathology, Forensic Science Student Organization

Courses Taught: BIOL 282, CHEM 240, PHYS 112

Kayla Andler, Sophomore, Tutor

Major: Accounting

Minor: Actuarial Science

Involvement on Campus: Quinlan Accounting Drop-In Tutor, VP of Professional Outreach for Beta Alpha Psi

Courses Taught: ACCT 201, ACCT 202, ACCT 303, INFS 247, ISSCM 241, ECON 201, ECON 202

Umair Mansoor, Senior, Tutor

Major: Biology

Involvement on Campus: Muslim Student Association E board

Favorite Part of ACE: Meeting the ACE Scholars

Courses Taught: BIOL 101, BIOL 102, CHEM 101, CHEM 102, MATH 131, THEO 107, PHIL 284, PSYC 101, NEUR 101

Nina Romac, Senior, Tutor

Major: Nursing

Involvement on Campus: Member of the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing Society of Student Mentors, Cultural Director of HSA (Hellenic Student Association), Member of OCF (Orthodox Christian Fellowship), ACE tutor for nursing courses, and Supplemental Instructor for MCN 273/Maternal-Child Nursing

Courses Taught: THEO-100, UCLR-100, HIST-101, STAT-103, PHIL-130, GNUR-155L, GNUR-156, GNUR-156L, GNUR-160, GNUR-203, GNUR-207, ENGL-273, PSYC-273, MSN-277, MSN-277L, THEO-282, GNUR-290, GNUR-293, GNUR-294, GNUR-297, MCN-273, MCN-374

Olivia Pardo, Senior, Tutor

Major: Data Science

Involvement on Campus: Chi Omega Sorority

Favorite Part of ACE: Not only watching students grow, but seeing them start to understand the content and become self-sufficient.

Courses Taught: MATH 117, MATH 118, MATH 131, MATH 132, MATH 201, MATH 212, MATH 263, MATH 264, MATH 304, STAT 203, STAT 308, STAT 310, PHIL 130, ENVS 101, THEO 100, THEO 232, UCLR 100

Riddhi Patel, Junior, Tutor

Major: Psychology

Minor: Biology

Involvement on Campus: I'm mostly involved outside of campus, but on campus, I'm a part of Best Buddies and I'm also an SI this upcoming semester!

Favorite Part of ACE: Although this is my first semester as an ACE tutor, I'm excited to meet and support the ACE scholars, and be a part of the supportive ACE community.

Courses Taught: BIOL 101, BIOL 111, BIOL 102, BIOL 112, BIOL 251, BIOL 282, CHEM 101, CHEM 111, CHEM 102, CHEM 112, CHEM 223, CHEM 224, CHEM 225, CHEM 226, PSYC 101, NEUR 101, PHIL 284, PSYC 250, UCLR100E, PSYC 304, PSYC 306

Jack Billante, Senior, Tutor

Major: English

Minor: Marketing & Psychology

Involvement on Campus: TPDC 

Courses Taught: UCLR 100, UCWR 110, ENGL 211, ENGL 271, ENGL 272, ENGL 273, ENGL 273, ENGL 282B, ENGL 283, ENGL 290, ENGL 318, ENGL 355, HIST 101-104, PHIL 130, PHIL 181-182, PSYC 10, MARK 201, MGMT 201, PSYC 101

Melissa Beerbower, Senior, Tutor

Major: Mathematics

Minor: Islamic World Studies, Arabic Language and Culture

Courses Taught: Various MATH Courses, PHIL 274, Honors Seminar

Adib Shethwala, Junior, Tutor


Major: Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychology

Involvement on campus: Muslim Students’ Association, Friends of MSF, American Medica Students’ Association

Courses taught: CHEM 101, CHEM 102, CHEM 223, CHEM 224, PSYC 304, PSYC 382, NEUR 101, CHEM 111, CHEM 112, CHEM 225, CHEM 226, BIOL 282, BIOL 283, UCWR 110

Molly Cho, Senior, Tutor

Major: Nursing

Involvement on Campus: I am involved in Kapwa Modern and the Student Nursing Association of Illinois on campus!

Favorite Part of ACE: Opens a comfortable space for students to ask and receive help! It also gives the opportunity to build personal relationships and foster a smaller community within Loyola!

Courses Taught: GNUR 155, GNUR 155L, GNUR 156, GNUR 156L, GNUR 203, GNUR 207, GNUR 238, GNUR 238L, GNUR 290, GNUR 293, GNUR 294, GNUR 297, GNUR 294, MCN 273, MCN 374

Pedro Henrique Assenza Tavares Coroa, Junior, Tutor & MCAT Tutor

Major: Biology and Neuroscience (Cognitive and Behavioral)

Involvement on Campus: BRASA Co-President

Courses Taught: MCAT Tutoring & BIOL, CHEM, COMP 180, HIST 103, HIST 210, MATH, PHIL 181, PHIL 279, PSYC 101, PSYC 306, PSYC 387, SOCL 101, THEO 107, THEO 299, THTR 100, UCLR 100M

Zoha Hassan, Senior, Tutor


Major: Mathematics & Computer Science


Involvement on Campus: AEP Tutor


Courses Taught: MATH Courses (132 and below)