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Achieving College Excellence

Student Academic Services

Financial Aid and Literacy

One of the core functions of the ACE Program is to provide participants with knowledge about financial decision making and options for funding baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate study to encourage manageable accumulation of education debt.

ACE Staff members provide a variety of services designed to inform students of the full range of financial aid resources at Loyola including:

  • understanding your LOCUS account
  • finding your financial aid award
  • scholarship search assistance
  • help with creating a budget
  • reviewing aid appeals essays
  • referrals and introductions to specific Financial Aid staff

Additionally, ACE pairs with the Financial Aid Office (FAO) to offer workshops on topics such as:‌     

  • establishing a strong credit history
  • managing debt
  • making and keeping a personal budget

For more information about topics offered and to access Loyola’s financial wellness tool, iGrad, please visit the FAO financial literacy page.