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Meet the ACE Student Ambassadors

Student ambassadors represent various social, academic, career, and civic engagement issues and movements affecting college students of today.

Student ambassadors develop relationships with alumni and build internship and enrichment opportunities within the surrounding community in the form of mentoring, volunteering, and other community building initiatives.  Additionally, student ambassadors engage and build projects and community building opportunities around societal issues including immigrant and refugee rights, feminism and female empowerment, environmentalism, and first-generation, lower-income, & students with disabilities' needs.

Student ambassadors enrich the nationwide TRIO initiative and collaborate to develop The TRIO Student Summit - an introduction to college event hosted each spring for high school TRIO students from precollege programs in Chicago and the surrounding area.

A significant focus of pre-medical and pre-law focused activities also take place throughout the year through the ACE Medical Club (acemedicalclub@gmail.com) and through pre-law initiatives led by various student ambassadors.

Below is a brief introduction to our team of student ambassadors.  If you are an ACE Scholar with questions about this initiative, please e-mail us at ace@luc.edu.


ACE Student Ambassadors


Julia Borowska 


Majors/Minors: Biology Major, Bioethics and Spanish Minors 

Year: Junior 

Job position within ACE: R.A.G.E. Ambassador 

Involvement on campus: Co-President of ACE Medical Club, Club Tennis, Member of Polish and Bioethics club 

Favorite part of ACE: Everyone that’s a part of ACE is so nice and helpful. We’re like a big happy family! 


Paola Hernandez 


Majors/Minors: Nursing, Psychology, Spanish Language 

Year: Junior 

Job position within ACE: R.A.G.E Ambassador 

Involvement on campus: Mujeres en Medicina, CARE Pathway Scholar  

Favorite part of ACE: The people! 


Samantha Geni 


Majors/Minors: Psychology / Crime & Justice / Women Studies & Gender Studies 

Year: Sophomore 

Job position within ACE: Literature, Arts, & Culture Ambassador 

Involvement on campus: ACE Book Club, LUC Restoration Club 

Favorite Part of ACE: Forming and strengthening friendships on retreats! 


Heaven Thomas 


Majors/Minors: Forensic Science 

Year: Sophomore 

Job position within ACE: Literature, Arts, & Culture Ambassador 

Involvement on campus:ACE Book Club, Black Cultural Center, The Forensic Science Student Organization, Rainbow Connection, and Women in Science and Math (WISAM). 

Favorite part of ACE: I love the community that naturally forms between everyone and how inspiring that can be for people who are struggling to adjust to their transition to college.   


Angelica Perez 


Majors/Minors: Nursing 

Year: Sophomore 

Job position within ACE: Civic & Community Engagement Ambassador 

Involvement on campus: Co-Treasurer, Loyola University Chicago Mujeres En Medicina Club 

Favorite part of ACE: I love the environment that ACE provides. Not only are you a scholar, but everyone makes you feel a part of the family. 


Brandon Folson  


Majors/Minors: Economics / Arabic Language and Culture / Philosophy 

Year: Junior 

Job position within ACE: Financial Literacy Ambassador 

Involvement on campus: Assoc. Director, International Business Society; Cura Scholar: Research Leader Phi Beta Kappa Society KIPS Scholar; Alpha Sigma Nu Society member; Minorities in Philosophy club member; LUC Math and Statistics club member; Loyola's commitment to Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples Committee 

Favorite part of ACE: The support from the staff and the sense of community I get from interacting with ACE members. Whether taking advantage of the ACE lounge or attending an informative ACE workshop, ACE is preparing me to meet the challenges of University life.