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Meet the ACE Master's Mentors

Master’s mentors are graduate students currently enrolled in a Loyola master's degree program through The Graduate School.  Master's mentors engage with junior and senior ACE Scholars focusing on graduate school preparation, career development, and life-after-Loyola enrichment workshops.  By offering undergraduates support and encouragement in preparation for their post-undergraduate needs, master's mentors strive to seamlessly usher ACE Scholars into their advanced degree programs and/or their professional careers.

Below is a brief introduction to our team of master's mentors.  If you are an ACE Scholar with questions about this service, please e-mail us at ace@luc.edu.

Juliana Tamayo

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Degree Currently Pursuing: Master's degree in Women's Studies and Gender Studies

Involvement: Atton University Fellow, Graduate Student Assistant

Favorite Aspect of ACE: Making amazing connections through the program. Through ACE, I've made life-long friendships and connections with faculty that granted great opportunities.


Amrita Bhagia

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Degree Currently Pursuing: Master's degree in Women's Studies and Gender Studies

Involvement: GA for Women's Studies and Gender Studies, LUCES (LUC Empowering Sisterhood)

Favorite Aspect of ACE: I love that ACE is a program fundamentally rooted in social justice advocacy. I'm so excited to be working to empower students in their career and educational journeys!

Zoë Naseef

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Degree currently pursuing: Dual Master's degree in Social Work and Gender Studies

Favorite Aspect of ACE: Being able to provide the level of mentorship that I wish I had when I was applying to jobs and later to graduate school. I can't wait to celebrate my mentees' successes. 


Hanna Damarjian

Hometown: Chicago, IL/northwestern side of Indiana

Degree currently pursuing: Master's degree in Applied Statistics

Involvement: Research Assistant in the Applied Statistics department.  I am also solely training to compete in a powerlifting competition in Spring of 2021.

Favorite aspect of ACE​: Being able to encounter many undergraduate students!  Having made mistakes as an undergraduate, when prepping for graduate school, I want to ensure that I am not only an advocate, but a guide to my mentees.  ACE is a wonderful opportunity to encounter mentees and be able to expend as much of my knowledge/assistance to them.


Ariel Fleenary

Hometown : Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Degree program: Social Work and Gender and Women's Studies Dual Master's Degree Program

Involvement: ACE Master's Mentor

Favorite aspect of ACE: My favorite aspect of ACE is the ability to create connections with all of my driven, inspiring, and kind peers in this program.