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ACE Advising

ACE provides primary and supplemental academic advising to program participants throughout their enrollment in the program. The ACE advisor works exclusively with ACE scholars to assist with course selection, major support, registration, degree audits, co-curricular engagement support, grade monitoring to ensure timely completion of a bachelor's degree, among other services. Through academic advising, students are set up for success before classes even begin.  

The ACE program is committed to assisting participants with successful transition to Loyola and supporting overall personal well-being. ACE staff provide assistance to students on various aspects of college life including stress management, addressing family/friend concerns, and challenges related to commuting during the students' time at Loyola.

To set up an advising appointment, go to WCOnline, and select "ACE Advising".



How to Schedule an ACE Advising Appointment (How to use WCOnline):

ACE students can arrange a one-on-one session for any subject at WCONLINE by following these few easy steps:

1. Visit WCONLINE tutor and advising scheduling system:https://luc.mywconline.net/.

2. Select “Click here to register” if you are new to tutoring or advising through ACE.

3. Once in schedule mode, select “ACE Advising” from the dropdown menu.

4. Select the timeslot desired based on the advisor's availability.

5. A confirmation email will be sent to you and the ACE Advisor confirming your appointment!


This video also shows how to sign-up for tutoring, which is through the same system, but a different drop down menu when you first log-in: Tutoring Sign-Up Video.