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This page lists information to help ensure students and their parents have access to all the details and understand all the options that come with Financial Aid, including possible scholarships to apply for and understanding how financial aid may cover study abroad.  Many of the resources listed under "Beyond Loyola" explain the options for when and how long to pay back student loans, which are called repayment plans.


Within Loyola:

Bursar’s Office Information about setting up a payment plan, understanding the tuition and fees that come with being a Loyola student
Financial Aid Forms Forms that the Financial Aid office uses for aid appeals, loans, outside scholarships, and verifying information
Financial Aid Office Information about applying for aid, appeals regarding financial aid, getting a hold on your account removed, and just generally understanding how to pay for your college education
Loyola Academic Scholarships Renewal Policy If you have one of the academic scholarships from Loyola University Chicago, this page tells you the GPA requirements and other policies to ensure you maintain those scholarships year after year
Loyola’s Fellowship Office Information about a variety of prestigious scholarships, financial awards, and fellowships.  Organized by specific interests, major, and identity groups.
Loyola's Gannon Center for Women and Leadership’s Johnson Scholarship  An opportunity for rising juniors to conduct interdisciplinary research focused on women and leadership
Student Activities Grant The Office of First Year Experience will be offering funds for students to use towards Loyola hosted events, such as intramural league fees, Rambler Outdoors activities, Loyola 360 retreats, and much more. After reviewing your eligibility based on your response on the form, students may be asked to write a 1 page essay. Financial need will be based on reviewing your FAFSA.
Study Abroad Affordable Cost Comparison Chart A chart that compares the estimated cost of each study abroad program with an average semester at Loyola University Chicago, as well as which financial aid is available for each study abroad program
Study Abroad Cost Details A page that lists the full details of what is included and the breakdown of costs and financial aid for each of the study abroad programs
Study Abroad Scholarships Links with information about scholarships specifically to cover if you want to study abroad.  ACE encourages scholars to explore study abroad options as we work closely with the study abroad staff and financial aid staff to make this possible for our students.
SDMA’s Collection of Scholarships The Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs Office has gathered this list of scholarships listed by identity type
SSWD’s Collection of Scholarships The Services for Students With Disabilities Office has gathered this list of scholarships related to assorted majors and career interests, but all designed for students with disabilities
Unpaid Academic Internship Grants  If you are in the College of Arts and Sciences, and will be working in an unpaid academic internship, you can apply for this $1,500 award.  Please read the website closely for the application requirements and deadlines.



Beyond Loyola:

CollegeNET MACH25  Contains listings of more than 600,000 private sector scholarships and awards.
Diversity Abroad Scholarship for $500 for two of the main Study Abroad semester programs: through IES and USAC programs. Application Deadlines: November 1 for Spring; July 1 for Fall. 
Diversity Network Summer Abroad Scholarship The Diversity Abroad Network “Diversity Network” will offer summer scholarships in the amount of $500 for full-time students attending a member institution in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom or the United States.
Edvisors Guide to Completing the FAFSA Links to a page where you can download a 209-page book as a PDF that goes through every question on the FAFSA; written by two nationally recognized experts on financial aid.  A great resource to look up answers if you are unclear about a specific question, although it is pretty dense if you try to read through the entire thing at once.  Better as a quick reference tool.
FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid Form to complete for Federal Aid.  If you have any questions about this, please ask an ACE staff member or someone in the Financial Aid Office.
FAFSA Questions Help Line Not a website, a phone resource: For questions about federal student aid and help completing the FAFSA, call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243). This is a toll-free hotline sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education.
Fast Web Scholarships Website designed to help students find scholarships
Federal Student Aid: Resources Guides A large collection of booklets, videos, fact sheets, and online tools to help students and parents understand every aspect of the financial aid process from first completing the FAFSA through repaying loans.
Federal Student Aid: Choose a repayment plan that’s best for you Information about the types of student loan repayment plans (standard, graduated, extended, income-based, pay as you earn, income contingent, income sensitive)
Federal Student Aid Repayment Estimator Once you click the link, select sign in or proceed - this online tool will allow you to view the actual amount your monthly payments will be (as well as for how long and total amount paid towards interest) depending on which repayment plan you select
FinAid! Calculators Within finaid.org, over 30 different types of online calculators, especially around determining how to select a loan repayment schedule (you enter your total amount borrowed, interest rate, etc and it tells you how adjusting your length for repaying will make you pay more or less overall for interest.)
FinAid! The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid A comprehensive, award-winning site that gathers information about financial aid and scholarship opportunities
Financial Aid Finder – Student Scholarship Search Information about finding scholarships, and links to specific scholarships available based on your major, interests, or unique personal characteristics
Mapping Your Future Links to a nonprofit organization committed to helping students, families, and schools navigate the higher education and student loan processes, and specifically, the circumstances where a portion of your loan, may be canceled, forgiven, or discharged (in other words, you won't have to repay it)
Paying for College This comprehensive Paying for College Guide created by Maryville University Online explains how to save and pay for college.  Some of the topics covered include:  college savings accounts, financial aid, loans, grants, and scholarships.
StudyAbroad.com Scholarships A long list of scholarships designed to specifically support students interested in studying abroad – some are destination or academic subject specific
US Department of Education Website about government grants and scholarships