Loyola University Chicago

Achieving College Excellence

Student Academic Services

Expectations of Current ACE Scholars

Participation Agreement


  • I will meet with ACE Advisor/Counselor or other fulltime ACE Staff at least once each semester for advising.  Topics may include: course selection, academic progress, personal guidance, academic goal-setting, career counseling, financial aid assistance, financial literacy education, co-curricular development, and general problem solving.

         (Note: ACE will supplement, not replace, your current Loyola Advisor)

  • When I attain Senior status, I will meet with my Advisor//Counselor twice during my final semester with the final meeting being focused on completing the Exit Interview.
  • If I receive any unsatisfactory grades (C- or lower) during the midterm period or at the end of any academic semester, or if I become subject to academic probation, I agree to meet with ACE Staff to discuss strategies to improve my academic performance. This may include weekly/biweekly ACE advising sessions, regular tutoring, regular mentoring, wellness/on- campus partner referrals, and/or other tailored recommendations, as determined by the ACE Staff.
  •  I will choose at least 2 ACE-sponsored workshops to attend each semester or 1 banquet/1 workshop per semester. 

Financial Assistance

  • If eligible, I will apply for federal financial aid by the priority deadline each year.
  • If I need assistance with completing the FAFSA, any scholarship/grant application, or financial aid appeal letter, I will meet with ACE Staff.
  • If I consider taking time off or transferring from Loyola due to financial challenges, I agree to meet with ACE Staff before finalizing my plans.

Post-Baccalaureate Studies

  • If I have expressed an interest in exploring graduate or professional school options, I will seek assistance from ACE Staff and/or Master’s Mentors in applying to graduate/professional school at least once per academic year.
  •  I will meet with ACE Staff at least once a year to develop a career plan.


  • I understand that tutoring is most effective when it is a consistent, weekly, hour-long appointment, and I will follow that schedule when I sign-up for tutoring. If I think a different schedule might better meet my needs (either more or less frequent), I will discuss this with the ACE Tutoring Coordinator.
  • If an emergency comes up and I need to miss or reschedule a tutoring appointment, I will give my tutor at least 24- hours advance notice.
  • If I receive any unsatisfactory grades (C- or below) during the midterm period or at the end of any academic semester, or if I become subject to academic probation, I agree to attend weekly tutoring meetings as assigned by the ACE Staff.

 Program Communication

  • I understand that ACE will use my Loyola e-mail address as a primary form of contact. I agree to read through all communication received by ACE Staff including email, phone messages, social media communication (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram) in a timely manner, and to respond when applicable. 

 Commitment To Services

  • I agree to attend every ACE-sponsored event or workshop that I sign up for, but I will not miss class to attend an ACE-sponsored event, workshop, or meeting. I will notify ACE Staff at least 24 hours in advance if I cannot attend the scheduled event or if there is an emergency.
  • I understand that access to free printing services is intended solely for ACE Scholars printing academic-related documents.

 Program Exit

  • I agree to participate in an exit interview with ACE Staff when I graduate from Loyola, if I withdraw prior to the completion of my bachelor’s degree, or transfer to another institution of higher education.

 Program Evaluation

  • I agree to participate in all requested program or workshop evaluations conducted online and in person. I understand that program evaluation is required by the U.S. Department of Education and Loyola to continue funding the ACE program.