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Transition to College Mentoring

ACE recognizes that the first-year experience for students offers a unique window in these students' lives in which they are adjusting to life away from home for the first time, learning to set their own schedules and priorities, and learning to navigate the college experience.  Even after the first-year of college, some students may want continued support as they make the transition from high school to a well-established college career.

ACE Peer Mentors work one-on-one and in small groups with their students to help them transition to college and manage competing priorities. Inherent in this is the notion that there are other ‘life stressors’ that can potentially detract from a student’s ability to manage time and keep stress levels at a minimum, which ACE Peer Mentors will help students through.  Transition areas can include:

  • building a strong sense of connection to peers and fellow ACE Scholars;
  • selecting a major;
  • getting accustomed to the new college environment;
  • handling an increased amount and difficulty of schoolwork;
  • balancing commitments to friends and family back home along with new friends and work on-campus;
  • starting to think about and plan for graduate school or establishing a career after graduation.  

To sign-up for an ACE Peer Mentor, please respond to the emails setting up these programs at the beginning of each academic year or email ACE at ace@luc.edu.