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ACE Tutoring

ACE Tutoring

ACE's free one-on-one tutoring is staffed with both graduate students and peer tutors who excel in their respective disciplines. We offer tutoring services in math, sciences, language, writing, and other courses where assistance is needed. Students can review our tutor bios in order to select which tutor will best fit their needs.

Please note, ACE tutoring is limited to ACE Scholars only.  If you are interested in becoming an ACE scholar, please review the eligibility requirements and application.

How to Request an ACE Tutor Appointment (Tutor Trac):

Tutors have a wide range of availability to fit students’ busy schedules. ACE students can arrange a one-on-one session for any subject on Tutor Trac by following these few easy steps:

1. Visit the Tutor Trace scheduling system at:  https://tutortrac.luc.edu/TracWeb40/Default.html

2. Use your Loyola network username/password to login.

3. Once you’ve logged in, click on “Search Availability” to the left.

4. Select “ACE Tutoring” in the drop down menu for “Center”

5. Select the course you need assistance with in the drop down menu for “Section”

6. Specify the date, time, and day of the week you would like tutoring, and click on “Search”

7. Available time slots will appear. Click on one to make an appointment! 

If you have issues using Tutor Trac for ACE services, please email John Kafarhire at jkafarhire@luc.edu