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This page lists information to help ensure parents have easy access to the departments across the university that have specifically devoted resources for supporting parents.  There are also links to information that might be intended for students, but that is helpful for parents to know.


A-Z Information about Loyola Index if you’ve heard your student mention some particular department or program at Loyola, and you want to learn more, this is a good place to start.
LUC's Academic Standards Information for students (and good for parents to know) about all of Loyola's academic policies, such as the academic standing and academic integrity policies.
Bursar's Office Information about Electronic Billing The e-Bill is a snapshot in time of how an individual student financial account appears on the day it is generated.  Loyola does not send paper bills.  Students with account balances are notified monthly to review their LOCUS accounts, where they also will find their e-Bills. 
Bursar's Office Parent Access Students can set up access to some of their financial accounts for parents and other guests with the steps listed on this page.  Bursar parent/guest access does not provide access to your grades, student judicial affairs, income, or personal information.
LUC's Catalog Loyola’s Undergraduate Studies Catalog (including all academic policies, college and school information, majors and academic programs, current course offerings)
Department Chair's Message to Parents A letter from the Chair of the History Department, but relevant information for parents of students with broader majors such as English, Writing, Philosophy, Religion, and other areas that might not have a clear career path.
Family Weekend Hosted by the Division of Student Development, information about Loyola's Family Weekend, held in the end of September.
Financial Aid Guide A step-by-step guide to the basic financial aid process.
Financial Aid Information about the PLUS Loan Information explaining what the PLUS (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students) Loan is, how students and parents can start this loan process, and what to do if a parent is denied for this loan.
LOCUS Videos for students (and some for parents) on how to navigate LOCUS: Loyola's Online Connection to University Services.
Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution  Frequently asked questions from this office, including will parents find out about a student’s disciplinary history.
Off-Campus Student Life  Information for students looking to rent an apartment nearby campus from finding an apartment, things to know as a renter, campus transportation options.
Orientation Information specifically for parents about the student and parent orientations that take place over the summer.
Orientation Sessions Copies of some of the sessions presented at the summer orientations available for parents who were not able to attend.
Registration and Records - FERPA FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act applies to students' education records, and this explains about it.
FERPA FAQ's The U.S. Department of Education provides further information about FERPA, including, do parents have the right to see their student’s education records?
Residence Life Information specifically for parents about understanding the residency requirement, request for exemption from residency requirement, helping student with transition from home
Study Abroad Information specifically for parents about study abroad academic policies, health and safety concerns, and financial questions.
Wellness Center FAQ’s  Frequently asked questions the Wellness Center receives, including can parents gain access to a student’s medical records and can students use the Wellness Center if they are on their parents' medical insurance plan?
Wellness Center Resources  Information specifically for parents about confidentiality, alcohol, emotional wellness, immunizations, and additional resources.