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Achieving College Excellence

Student Academic Services

Graduate School and Career Mentoring

Program participants have the opportunity to participate in small group and one-on-one instruction in successfully applying for a variety of graduate and professional school programs including post-baccalaureate Masters and Doctoral programs. ACE Staff members provide support with identifying graduate programs, completing applications, identifying and applying for federal funding, and preparing for entrance exams (e.g. GRE and MCAT).


Graduate School and Career Mentoring with Master's Mentors

Starting as early as freshman year, ACE Staff assist participants in developing plans for graduate and professional school enrollment as well as career exploration and development. As a project, we assist participants with identifying majors and careers that align with their skills and interests in order to maximize opportunities for success. Career Mentoring is primarily provided by Master's Level Graduate Students who engage with junior and senior ACE Scholars exclusively in one-on-one and small group settings to provide guidance on post-baccalaureate planning and preparation. As successful graduate students themselves, the Graduate Student Mentors (known as Master's Mentors) are well-positioned to share their insights into the overall graduate school experience - exploration, application, and admission, in addition to career exploration and goal-setting.

By offering ACE Scholars support and encouragement, the Graduate Student Mentors directly impact the future educational and career endeavors of ACE students.  To get partnered with a Master's Mentor, please respond to the emails setting up these programs at the beginning of each academic year or email ACE at ace@luc.edu.