Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Bursar

Refund Direct Deposit Profile

Setting up a Refund Direct Deposit profile allows the University to deposit funds electronically into your checking or savings account when a credit (or negative) balance is created on your student account. It does not allow for automatic withdrawals to pay tuition balances. Students are encouraged to create a direct deposit profile by inserting their checking or saving account information in LOCUS. It will ensure fast and secure receipt of your refund directly into your bank account.

How to set up a Refund Direct Deposit Profile

  1. Log into your LOCUS account at www.luc.edu/locus
  2. Select Refund Direct Deposit Profile under Financial Account
  3. Enter type; Checking or Savings
  4. Enter your Routing number from your bank (this is a 9-digit number)
  5. Enter your account number
  6. Save your profile

Students are responsible for the accuracy and maintenance of their Direct Deposit profile. Refunds are electronically deposited into the student’s assigned checking or savings account, within 2 banking days after the refund is generated in LOCUS .

View our LOCUS tutorial.

How to change your refund check to electronic deposit

Note: If a student refund check has already been generated and you are unable to pick up your refund in person, we suggest that you create a Direct Deposit Profile in LOCUS as soon as possible. Contact the Bursar’s office at bursar@luc.edu to inform us that you have completed and saved your profile. We will mail your initial refund check to the permanent address on file in LOCUS, and all future refunds will be directly deposited into your checking or savings account.

Questions or comments? E-mail us at bursar@luc.edu.