Loyola University Chicago

Campus Ministry

Division of Mission Integration

Alec Kenny

Agape & Ecclesia

Damen 223



Alec is on staff with Agape & Ecclesia Christian fellowship at Loyola. Alec helps lead a weekly Bible study with Agape, plan a Sunday worship service with Ecclesia, and meet with students throughout the week for Christian discipleship.

Although Alec graduated from Loyola in 2014 with a B.B.A. in Economics, he discerned a call into ministry during a year of service work in Southwest Philadelphia. Alec is currently working towards a MA in Theology and Mission from Northern Seminary to enhance his ministry to Loyola students.

Alec was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and is a huge fan of Pacers basketball and Colts football. His favorite food in the world is fried chicken and his second favorite food is chips and salsa. His love for sports and food make it so that you might find him meeting with students in Halas Rec Center, Damen Dining, or the ping-pong table in Ireland's on a regular basis.