Loyola University Chicago

Campus Ministry

Division of Mission Integration

Vision, Mission, & Pedagogy



We envision graduates whose mature faith and commitment to the common good shape a world of justice and peace.
Vision statement was approved in July 2015.



Rooted in Loyola's Catholic identity and Ignatian tradition, Campus Ministry invites students to reflect on their relationships with themselves, God, and others as they discern an ongoing response of commitment, conscience, and compassion.



We value a holistic process of student formation that complements students' rich intellectual development by challenging them to grow socially, spiritually, and emotionally. We strive to place equal emphasis on these three interconnected domains of learning:

Heart - we invite students to attend to their interior spiritual lives by examining how God is moving in their emotions, exploring their God-given passions, and experiencing the joy of being in relationships with God and others.

Head - we challenge students to cultivate a moral imagination by critically reflecting on their reality, recognizing systemic injustice, and letting the wisdom of religious traditions inform their values.

Hands - we accompany students as they embody an ethic that honors the dignity of all, practice solidarity with people on the margins, and intentionality live their calling in hopeful and creative ways.