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Student Testimonies

Emily Burda - Loyola 360

"My 360 retreat allowed me to contemplate what I want out of life and friendships, and how following my inner compass can help me achieve these desires. I was able to take a step back and gain a holistic view, re-centering myself around the morals and path that lead me to true happiness."

Edwin Alfaro Mendez - Loyola 360

"360 was the first time I felt like I was a part of a community at Loyola and I met a bunch of friends who I am still close to."

Kallie Timmons - Transfer Retreat

“Transfer Retreat showed me that I wasn’t alone on campus. It gave me a space to process the difficult journey I had taken to Loyola in a way that I hadn’t previously allowed myself to do. Most importantly, I found the friends I had been looking for my whole life, and we were able to build a community that made Loyola feel like home.”

Megan Mullenbach - Unwritten

“Unwritten gave me Ignatian tools and vocabulary to articulate deeper themes in my life to understand my story and where I’m going. I was able to see movements and direction in my life that, since the retreat, have been more easily identifiable. I often remind myself of what I learned on Unwritten to ground myself within my own journey and the Ignatian tools I gained thanks to this retreat.”

Peter Nassif - Search

“Search allowed me to shift my perspective, to understand desolation and consolation as times of growth. To be present in both of those moments.”