Loyola University Chicago

Campus Ministry

Division of Mission Integration

Meet Our Team

Teams are listed by locations.

Steven Betancourt Acting Director
Krista Chinchilla-Patzke Faith Justice Campus Minister
Claire Erlenborn Retreat Coordinator
Hannah Hinerman Agape & Ecclesia
Meg Hogan Wedding Administrative Assistant
Dennis Hong Agape & Ecclesia 
Alec Kenny Agape & Ecclesia
Cookie Krupa
Administrative Assistant
Lizzie Mintz Jewish Life Associate
Omer M. Mozaffar
Muslim Chaplain
Jeff Peak  Assistant Director - Retreats
Aleja Sastoque Faith Formation Campus Minister
Sr. Jean Dolores-Schmidt, BVM Chaplain
Alex Schorr
Agape & Ecclesia
Claire Soupene Agape Latte
Fr. Tho Vu, SJ Chaplain
Derrick Witherington Campus Minister for Catholic Liturgy and Catechesis
Sara Woody Agape & Ecclesia 


Jerry Overbeck, SJ Senior Chaplain
Claire Soupene  Water Tower Campus Minister

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ChaplainResidence Hall
Scott Hendrickson, S.J. Regis
Jerry Overbeck, S.J. Baumhart
Fr. Tho Vu, S.J. San Francisco