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Chapel at Fall and Wounded Angel Sculpture

Campus Ministry offers several ways to remember our deceased loved ones throughout the year and especially during November, the month of the Faithful Departed.

A Mass intention is a prayer for the deceased during a regular noon Mass at Madonna della Strada Chapel. Mass intentions may be scheduled on any open date Monday through Friday throughout the year, except for certain Holy Days. No donation or stipend is expected. To schedule a Mass intention please email MDS@luc.edu.

During the month of November, the Book of the Dead, which includes the names of the deceased, is displayed in the front of the chapel. You may write names in the book or submit a name to Meg Hogan in Campus Ministry by October 27, 2023 via email or phone at mhogan6@luc.edu or 773-508-8045.

The University's "Altar of the Dead" will be erected in Madonna della Strada chapel throughout the month of November. Those wishing to place images of their loved ones on or near this altar are invited to drop off framed picturs of their loved ones beginning on Sunday, October 15, 2023. Please drop off your pictures in the sacristy before or after Mass on Sundays (10:30am or 9pm) or weekdays (noon). Pictures can also be dropped off in a basket which will be placed outside of the Reconciliation Room (NW corner of the chapel). Beginning on Sunday, December 3, those who wish to retrieve their photos should come to the sacristy before or after weekday or Sunday Masses. 

Day of the Dead Altar


For Catholics, the month of November is the month of remembering those who have gone before us into Eternal Life. Loyola's annual Mass of Remembrance is a venerable university tradition where we gather as a community to pray for and commemorate alumni, students, faculty, and staff members who have gone before us into Eternal Life in the past year. It is a poignant liturgy which emphasizes that our beloved dead remain connected to us and where we profess our Christian faith and hope that they are now members of the Communion of Saints. Please join us in prayer, reflection and celebration.

On the second Sunday of November at 10:30 a.m., all the deceased members of the Loyola University Chicago community are remembered at a special Mass. Loyola University Chicago alumni are especially encouraged to attend this beautiful Mass and submit a name online for the Book of the Dead. You may write names in the book or submit a name to Meg Hogan in Campus Ministry by October 27, 2023 via email or phone at mhogan6@luc.edu or 773-508-8045.

University Bereavement Notices

When a current or former Loyola University Chicago student, faculty, or staff member dies, family members or colleagues may inform the University of their loved one's death. They may also be asked for basic details about the funeral arrangements and obituary to share with the Loyola Community. University Marketing and Communications works with Campus Ministry to post these announcements to the University community and on Campus Ministry's Bereavement Notices page. To inform the University of the death of a student, faculty, or staff's death, please contact Emily Ramstetter at eramstetter@luc.edu or Matthew Mcdermott at mbedugnis@luc.edu.

To view the University Bereavement Notices, please click here.