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Funeral Policy

‌Funerals and Memorial Masses at Madonna della Strada Chapel

When a Christian dies, the local believing community has the responsibility to console those who mourn and to celebrate the funeral rites of the deceased. Since all the ties of friendship and affection which knit us as one throughout our lives do not unravel with death, Canon Law and the Archdiocese of Chicago mandate that funerals “must generally be celebrated in the parish church of the deceased” (Order of Christian Funerals 71, Canon 1177.1, Archdiocese Policies 703). Although there are exceptions to this rule especially for members of religious orders, this general policy recognizes the important role that the local parish has played as the spiritual home for the deceased.

Madonna della Strada Chapel is the principal Roman Catholic chapel of Loyola University Chicago, but it is not a parish church. Madonna della Strada Chapel falls under the canonical jurisdiction of Saint Ignatius Parish Church. The Chapels of Loyola University Chicago are under the administrative authority of the Director of Campus Ministry who delegates direct supervision of the Chapels Usage Policy to the Assistant Director of Campus Ministry.

Therefore, the proper setting for ministry to the bereaved family is the local parish. Campus Ministry directs Loyola University Chicago employees and alumni to contact their parish for a funeral.

Funerals and Memorial Masses are performed at Madonna della Strada Chapel for members of the Jesuit community. Under extraordinary circumstances and in consultation with the Director of Campus Ministry, Assistant Director of Campus Ministry, and Senior University Administration, some exceptions do occur, as would be the case of an unexpected and sudden death of a current student.

Services or liturgies to remember deceased faculty, staff, and students following burial can be coordinated through Chris Murphy (cmurph3@luc.edu) for Faculty and Staff or Steven Betancourt (sbetancourt@luc.edu) for students.

For those wishing to remember a deceased loved one, Mass intentions are offered at the daily Mass at 12:00 pm. Departments that have experienced a death of member are encouraged to have the mass said for this member, attend together, and following the mass, gather for the sharing of stories (comforting of each other.). Requests for mass intentions should be directed to the Administrative Assistant (mds@luc.edu) for Madonna della Strada Chapel.

Policy approved by Michael J. Garanzini, S.J., President and CEO on July 24, 2013