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Stamm Memorial Organ

Madonna della Strada Chapel is home to Goulding and Wood Opus 47, the Katheryn "Kay" Stamm Memorial Organ.

Third Sunday of every month at 3:00 p.m.

Parking is free on Sundays in the main parking structure, enter at Kenmore and West Sheridan Road.

Masks are currently optional in the chapel. ALL ARE WELCOME.

May 21

Chicago Bronze Handbell Choir
Chicago, Illinois

Program for Chicago Bronze

June 18

Damin Spritzer
Norman, Oklahoma

Summer Celebrity Concert Series

July 16

Brenda Portman
Cincinnati, Ohio

Summer Celebrity Concert Series

August 20

David Ball
Garden Grove, California

Summer Celebrity Concert Series

September 17

Awaiting Confirmation

October 15 Awaiting Confirmation
November 19 Awaiting Confirmation
December 17 Awaiting Confirmation


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Loyola University Chicago's Madonna della Strada Chapel is home to Goulding and Wood Opus 47, the Katheryn "Kay" Stamm Memorial Organ. This pipe organ of three manuals and pedal, 70 ranks is the musical crown jewel of our chapel. The instrument leads music every weekend for Sunday Mass and is heard monthly at our 3rd Sunday at 3:00 p.m. concert series.

We extend a warm invitation for you to come and enjoy our instrument. Organists wishing to play the instrument are welcome to contact the Chapel's Music Director Steven Betancourt to set up an appointment. He is best reached by e-mail at sbetancourt@luc.edu.

‌Goulding and Wood Pipe Organ Builders
Indianapolis, Indiana
Opus 47 | 2008
53 Stops, 70 ranks, 3,747 Pipes

  • Electro-pneumatic slider and pallet wind chests.
  • A modern solid state action with multiple levels of memory and playback device.
  • A single case of walnut, designed and stained to harmonize and adorn the Art Deco architecture of the chapel.
  • Front pipes of polished tin.
Download a PDF of the Organ Specification.


16' Montre 16'  Quintaton
16' Bourdon 8'  Flûte à cheminée
8' Montre 8'  Dulciane
8' Gambe 8'  Unda maris
8' Bourdon 4'  Prestant
8' Flûte harmonique  4'  Flûte à fuseau
4' Prestant 22/3  Nasard
4' Flûte conique   2'  Doublette
22/3' Quinte  2'  Flûte à bec
2' Doublette  13/5  Tierce
13/5' Tierce  11/3'  Larigot
2' Fourniture V  1'  Cymbale III
8' Cornet V 8'  Cromorne
16' Basson  8'  Trompette en chamade (G.O.)
8' Trompette    
8' Trompette en chamade    
16' Cor de nuit  32' Soubasse
8' Diapason  16' Contrebasse
8' Cor de nuit  16' Montre (G.O.)
8' Viole de Gambe   16' Soubasse
8' Voix céleste   16' Bourdon (G.O.)
4' Prestant  16' Cor de nuit (Réc.)
4' Flûte octaviante  8' Octave
2' Doublette  8' Flûte 
2' Octavin   8' Flûte bouchée 
22/3' Sesquialtera II  8' Bourdon (G.O.)
2' Plein Jeu III-IV   8' Cor de nuit (Réc.) 
16' Bombarde   4' Octave
8' Trompette   4' Flûte
8' Hautbois   22/3 Fourniture IV
8' Voix humaine  32' Bombarde
4' Clairon  16' Bombarde
    16' Basson (G.O.)
    8' Trompette
    8' Basson (G.O.)
    4' Clairon
    8' Trompette en chamade (G.O.)
      Cloches (G.O.)
Effet d’orage


Récit to Grand Orgue 16-8-4
Positif to Grand Orgue16-8-4
Récit to Positif 16-8-4
Positif to Récit 8
Grand Orgue to Positif 8
Grand Orgue to Pédale 8
Récit to Pédale 8-4
Positif to Pédale 8-4
G.O. to G.O. 16, Unison  Off
Positif to Positif 16, Unison Off, 4
Récit to Récit 16, Unison Off,
Grand Orgue/Positif Manual Transfer

The organ concert series at Loyola University began in October of 2008. Here you can find historical information on our artists and the pieces that have been on every program.

Past concert programs.
Composer archive of pieces played at our chapel.