Scribd is a wonderful tool to embed a document directly in your Web Page/Folio so the document appears on the page instead of as a link.  In a few minutes, you can make research papers, essays, and sample writings more engaging and visually appealing!

You can use Scribd to upload any of the following document types: 

  • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • Adobe PostScript (.ps)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt/.pps/.pptx)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls/.xlsx)
  • OpenOffice Text Document (.odt, .sxw)
  • OpenOffice Presentation Document (.odp, .sxi)
  • OpenOffice Spreadsheet (.ods, .sxc)
  • All OpenDocument formats
  • Plain Text (.txt)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)

Embedding Documents via Scribd

  • Create a FREE account at www.scribd.com
  • Upload the documents you want to embed in your Folio/Web Page
  • Set your documents to “Public” view. This will generate a web address (URL) for each document, which you will need for embedding. Once you save your document(s), you can click on the blue underlined link to your document, which will bring up a full screen version of the document, where you can get your embed code.

  • To embed your document(s) in your TaskStream Folio/Web Page, select the section/tab where you would like to include the document(s).
  • Insert a new Text & Image section using the toolbar at the bottom of your screen:

  • You can also edit an existing Text & Image section where you want to include the document(s):

  • Once you are in the Text & Image section where you want to embed the photo(s), click the “HTML” button.

  • Copy & paste the “Embed” code directly from Scribd into your HTML source code editor.
  • Click "Save and Return" which will embed the document(s) into your portfolio!