Loyola University Chicago

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Departmental and Group Instrumentation

Departmental Instrumentation

The department has an extensive list of instrumentation which can be accessed in the .pdf of our Department Instrumentation.  Document contains instruments, location, and contact person.

Research Group Instrumentation

Additionally, the following groups have specialized instrumentation in their field which can be found on their group web pages.  Please contact the group directly if there are questions regarding this instrumentation.

Ballicora Group

Becker Group

Chiarelli Group

Cho Group

Ciszek Group - Surface Science, Electronic Materials, Organic Electronics.

Daubenmire Group

Devery Group

Esipova Group

Fitch Group

Florian Group

Freitas Group

Graham Group

Killelea Group

Lee Group

Liu Group

Moran Group

Olsen Group

Schmeling Group