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NMR/EPR Facilities


The NMR and EPR facilities bring together an interdisciplinary group of researchers comprising of faculty from Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology. Presently the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry NMR facility manages three high-resolution NMR spectrometers in Flanner Hall 108 and one EPR spectrometer in Flanner Hall 006. These instruments include:


Bruker Avance III HD 500 MHz spectrometer (2018) equipped with a three-channel console, is capable of most 1D, 2D and multidimensional NMR experiments in liquid state. Two new NMR probes are available. The Z-gradient Broad Band probe covers (BBO smart probe) nuclei from 103Rh to 31P, operates over the range from -120 °C to 120°C .  The TCI cryoprobe (Prodigy) delivering a gain in 1H sensitivity of a factor of ~2.5 compared to a conventional TXI probe, adds the system capabilities to handle more sophisticated NMR techniques on Biomolecular samples.

Bruker 500 MHz NMR Ascend


Varian INOVA 500 MHz spectrometer equipped with three-channel Inova console is also capable of most 1D, 2D NMR experiments. One modified Z-gradients double resonance probe tuned on Carbon and Proton focuses on utilizing NMR spectroscopy to elucidate the structure and dynamics of small molecules, polymers. This system is open to all faculty and graduate students.

Varian 500 MHz NMR Inova


A Bruker EMX plus X-band EPR spectrometer (2011) measures the resonance frequencies of unpaired electrons that are typically found in samples with organic radicals and paramagnetic metal ions. Coupled with the 14” magnet are a  X-Band High Sensitivity Cavity and Oxford ESR 900 liquid helium/nitrogen flow-through cryostat, the latter allows spectra to be acquired at temperatures as low as ~4 K.  



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