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Department of English


Dr. Pamela Caughie: Loyola's 2012 Faculty Member of the Year

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Professor; Director of Graduate Programs in English
Dr. Caughie teaches courses in modernist studies; gender and transgender studies; feminist, literary, and cultural theory; postmodernism; and pedagogy.

An excerpt from Dr. Caughie's remarks on being named Loyola's 2012 Faculty Member of the Year:

I love what I do. And I am aware every day of my life how privileged I am to be able to say that. Far too many people in this world do not like let alone love the work they do. I feel fortunate every day that I am able to do what I love to do, and that enjoyment in my work is what I hope to pass onto my students. I see my primary role as a Loyola faculty member as modeling the passion for ideas and the generosity of spirit that enables liberal education to work.

Scholarship, teaching, service. One needs to do all three with equal joy and enthusiasm if one is to model professionalism for others. To that end, Loyola has provided me with many opportunities for integrating these equally important tasks, opportunities I don't believe I would have had elsewhere.