Loyola University Chicago

Department of English




The Creative Writing Program offers introductory and advanced workshops in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Each workshop is a small, supportive community for submitting creative work and learning, under the guidance of the professor, how to become attuned to what makes a piece of writing fulfill its promise. In thintro workshops, students work closely with the professor to analyze published work so as to develop a common vocabulary of craft elementsusing that framework, students learn to approach their own creative work and that of others with a deeper appreciation of authorial choices, and begin to develop their own criteria for revision of their own work. 

The advanced workshops are a natural progression from the intro workshops, and ask students to take greater risks in their writing and greater responsibility for their own development and sensibilities as readers and writers 

The professors are all accomplished writers, with years of experience writing for publication and working with editors.   


Students may choose to have a Creative Writing Concentration within the English Major. To fulfill the Concentration, students will take the three introductory workshops (317, 318, 319) and two of the three advanced workshops (392, 397, 398). Information on when these required courses will be offered is avilable here.