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The field of English studies has grown rapidly over the course of the last half century. Today, English scholars read and discuss works written in the English language from across the globe—novels, plays and poems written by women as well as by men and by members of many widely varying cultures. We explore the social contexts in which each work was written and the impact it had in (and on) its time. We have widened our horizon to include the study of film as well as of written texts, and we have come to recognize the overall importance of minor literary figures as well as the traditionally acclaimed giants.

In the classroom, teachers ask students to act scenes from plays; they show films, assign field trips to local museums and galleries, and encourage the students they advise to consider internships in companies that value language skills. Our goal is to equip students with practical abilities, while opening up for them the exciting world of the literary imagination.

At Loyola, we pride ourselves on maintaining the best of a long tradition of English studies in the Jesuit mold. We have areas of considerable strength in Shakespearian criticism and in the Medieval period, and we teach all periods of British and American literature. But we have also kept pace with the changes that have had an impact on the entire field. We teach the works of African and Asian authors, as well as those of African and Asian Americans. We see writing of all kinds—the writing of poetry and of fiction, as well as writing in the professions and for general purposes—as one of our most important concerns. Our courses encompass a wide range of theoretical approaches to the study of literature and rhetoric. Our faculty combine active research careers with genuine concern for their graduate and undergraduate students.

Please take time to explore our program, and do not hesitate to contact us with any comments, questions or feedback.

David E. Chinitz
Department Chair

Brenda Jervier
Office Coordinator

James Knapp
Graduate Program Director

Stephen Heintz
Graduate Program Administrative Assistant

Jack Cragwall
Undergraduate Program Director

Sherrie Weller
Writing Program Director