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Amina Dalal

Amina Dalal
First Year
Biology, Sociology
Indianapolis, IN

“Muslim Youth Collective, a group of passionate young people, strives to dismantle Islamophobia and create inclusive spaces that empower Muslims to organize against all manifestations of injustice. Throughout my junior year, I was accepted to a fellowship program with three other peers to help develop curricula, plan events, and grow social media channels. Dealing with patriarchal conventions that are only exacerbated in religious communities, not to mention the deeply rooted misogyny that many cultures have managed to integrate into structures that permeate religious institutions, was a bit challenging to say the least. But being in this group that defiantly stood in the face of ignorance and injustice was inspiring … This idea that leadership is not necessarily clear cut at all times is critical to being a leader because while a “successful leader” is able to execute meetings and delegate tasks, a true leader sees people for what they are: people with profound life experiences and unique backgrounds that are all relevant. This experience being a part of the Muslim Youth Collective was crucial in my development as a young person. It came at a significant moment, as I was rising into leadership academically, in journalism, and more. It allowed me to establish a foundation of what leadership and advocacy mean to me. And I believe that the skills I learned here will be indispensable as a Gannon Scholar.”