Loyola University Chicago

Gannon Center for Women and Leadership

Program Expectations

Enroll at Loyola University Chicago as a new, first-time undergraduate first year student.

The Gannon Scholar program only accepts new first-year students. Transfer students and students with previous undergraduate degrees (e.g. ABSN students) are not eligible. It is further expected that Gannon Scholars will spend at least three years as an undergraduate at Loyola. This expectation ensures (a) sufficient time to dedicate to the Gannon Scholar research process and (b) adequate time to complete one’s undergraduate degree because first-year Loyola students are limited to 36 transfer credits from high school coursework.

Be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student in good standing at Loyola with a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester and a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Gannon Scholars are expected to meet the requirements of receiving any Loyola merit-based scholarship: remaining in good academic and disciplinary standing and maintaining full-time student status by enrolling in at least 12 credits per semester. In addition, Gannon Scholars are expected to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Attend and actively participate in weekly one-hour program meetings and other occasional programs defined on an annual basis.

Gannon Scholars meet weekly on Monday evenings during the academic year. Meetings begin with a community check-in and then focus on a particular social justice or leadership development topic. Gannon Scholars also participate in other periodic programs such as a yearly retreat, events with alumni and supporters, and Gannon Center-sponsored opportunities. Scholars should expect to commit approximately 10 hours per month to the program.

Complete at least one course by the end of sophomore year in Peace Studies or Women’s Studies & Gender Studies.

Gannon Scholars are free to major and/or minor in whatever field(s) they choose. Many Gannon Scholars are able to fulfill this requirement with a course that also fulfills a requirement for the Core Curriculum or for a major or minor.

Demonstrate leadership and a commitment to social justice through involvement in the University and other local or global communities in addition to the Gannon Scholars Leadership Program.

Gannon Scholars are expected to develop their leadership and dedication to social justice outside of the Gannon Scholars Leadership Program, such as through active involvement in student organizations, co-curricular programs, employment, internships, community organizations, etc. While Gannon Scholars are all active members of the University and broader communities, their particular involvement varies greatly accordingly to their individual interests.

Engage in an undergraduate research project in one’s junior and senior years.

First year Gannon Scholars are required to enroll in the one-credit “Research Matters” UNIV 102 course in the spring semester. This course introduces students to various research concepts and prepares them to write a research project proposal. Scholars are not expected to enter college with any previous research experience, nor are Scholars expected to decide on their research topic focus during their first year of college. During their sophomore year, Scholars work with the Program Coordinator to write a research project proposal by either developing an independent research study, with the guidance of a faculty mentor, or collaborating with a faculty member already developing a study that is of interest to them. Scholars then engage in this research work, with the guidance of a faculty mentor, during their junior and senior years. Scholars have the opportunity to present their research at Loyola’s annual spring Undergraduate Research Symposium and often are able to attend professional conferences and symposia outside of Loyola as well.