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Impact of the Gannon Scholars Program

Impact of the Gannon Scholars Leadership Program

What is the impact of the Gannon Scholars Leadership Program? Here is what a few Gannon Scholars have to say, in their own words:

“The Gannon Scholars program became my home at Loyola. My fellow Gannon Scholars encourage me to grow as an activist, a leader, and a woman with and for others every day. My engagement with the diverse perspectives of my peers, social justice issues and individuals affiliated with the Gannon Center for Women in Leadership are responsible for the change in me. I am very grateful for my fellow scholars, but even more grateful for how I have become more confident, empathetic, and open.”

“The Gannon Scholars has given me the opportunity to access invaluable mentorship, professional development and leadership resources, and most importantly a weekly boost of academic and personal confidence! Since entering the program, I have been able to navigate college with a greater support system and network than the average student.”

“Entering college is a daunting and, at times, overwhelming experience. Looking back, I do not know how I would have managed this transition without the constant support and example my fellow Gannon Scholars provided. This program not only developed my sense of belonging in the Loyola community and the greater Chicago region but also empowered me to become fully immersed in social justice groups, volunteering, and leadership. The Gannon Scholars Leadership Program diversified my thinking about complex issues and has made me into a more well-rounded person.”

“The Gannon Scholars program has been such an influential part of my college experience. I have learned so much about social justice, activism, and advocacy from other scholars. I have witnessed how scholars bring their own unique experiences and interests into their research endeavors, which has encouraged me in my pursuit of conducting interdisciplinary research. Not only has the program been an incredible learning experience, but it also has provided an amazing community. Through our retreat and events, weekly meetings, and outside activities, I have made so many connections and truly found a supportive and inspiring group that encourages me to pursue opportunities, share my passions, and become a better person.”

“The Gannon Scholars program is beneficial due to the people within it. Although I am a scholar myself, my growth and development is largely due to the people around me. As someone who is passionate about social justice and women's rights, Gannon became a prime platform for me to express my ideas. Perhaps the most unparalleled experience in Gannon is the opportunity to hear other viewpoints from a diverse group of peers. I can truly say that the diversity in Gannon makes me a more well-rounded individual ready to tackle the professional world.”

“In my single year as a Gannon Scholar, I have noticed exponential growth in myself regarding my work ethic, my ambition, and my optimism. The Gannon Scholars have provided me not only with many resources I would not have had access to otherwise, but also with the support system and environment to feel as though success is achievable.” 

“Gannon has given me a support system that has empowered me and educated me on social justice and feminist issues that I would not have known otherwise. Gannon has also given me access to countless resources and mentors in my field of study. There are internships, networking opportunities, and ways to get involved in the community through Gannon that I would not have access to otherwise. Gannon has helped me grow into a more educated feminist and leader in my community and studies.”