Loyola University Chicago

Gannon Center for Women and Leadership


Who is eligible to apply for the Gannon Scholars Leadership Program?
Any student who has been admitted to Loyola University Chicago as a first year undergraduate is eligible to apply to be a Gannon Scholar. Students in the Rome Start program, ABSN program, and Arrupe College are not eligible to apply.

When and how can I apply?
Interested students must submit the Gannon Scholar application, which can be found on their admitted student status page, by Saturday, February 1, 2020.

When will I find out if I have been accepted as a Gannon Scholar?
Applicants will be notified about their application status no later than March 3, 2020. The applicants chosen as semi-finalists will be expected to participate in a Skype or on-campus interview during Loyola Weekend on March 28, 2020. Semi-finalists will be notified of the scholarship committee's decision by April 2, 2020.

Is the program restricted to women?
No, the program is not restricted by gender. We seek applicants who are interested in and committed to the Gannon Center’s mission of fostering women leaders who will contribute to a more just world.

Can transfer students or current undergraduate students apply?
At this time, only incoming first year undergraduates are eligible to apply.

How many applicants are invited to join this program?
Ten incoming undergraduate students are selected annually.

What is the total amount of scholarship funding that I may receive?
Each Gannon Scholar is awarded an $8,000 tuition scholarship per year, for a total sum of $32,000 over the course of four years of undergraduate study.

Can I apply the scholarship to my room and board costs?
The scholarship is only applicable to tuition at Loyola University Chicago, not room and board costs.

How much time will I be expected to commit to the program?
The Gannon Scholars meet weekly for one hour and also participate in other occasional events and programs sponsored by the Gannon Center. Scholars should expect to commit approximately 10 hours per month to the program.

Can I study abroad as a Gannon Scholar?
Yes, Gannon Scholars are eligible to study abroad throughout their course of study at Loyola. If you plan to study abroad for two or more semesters, you will need to request approval in advance from the Advisor and Director of the Gannon Center.

What will be expected of me for undergraduate research?
First year Gannon Scholars are required to enroll in the one-credit “Research Matters” UNIV 102 course in the spring semester. This course introduces students to various research concepts and prepares them to write a research project proposal. Scholars should apply for a research fellowship in the spring of their sophomore year that ideally will fund them to work on a research project, with the guidance of a faculty mentor, during their junior and senior years.

Can I participate in ______ program while also being a Gannon Scholar?
Yes, we hope that you are involved in other programs, student organizations, community service, internships, and/or employment opportunities while at Loyola. The Gannon Scholars program is meant to be a significant commitment, but not an overwhelming one; we want you to develop your leadership and service outside the Gannon Scholars program as well. Many Gannon Scholars have successfully taken part in other Loyola opportunities such as living-learning communities, honors programs, club leadership positions, and many other academic and co-curricular opportunities.

Additional Questions?
Contact Sarah Hallett at shallett@luc.edu.