Loyola University Chicago

Department of History

History Faculty Office Hours

Fall 2021 Office Hours will be posted later in the summer. Please contact faculty directly via email.

NameOfficeEmailOffice Hours
Biletz, F. CC 334C fbiletz@luc.edu  
Bucholz, R. CC 521 rbuchol@luc.edu  
Buckley, C. CC 334D cbuckl@luc.edu  
Coyne, J.   jcoyne1@luc.edu  
Davis, E.   edavis13@luc.edu  
Dennis, D. CC 505 dennis@luc.edu  
Donoghue, J. CC 535 jdonoghue@luc.edu  
Dossey, L. CC 533 ldossey@luc.edu  
Fraterrigo, E. CC 509 efrater@luc.edu  
Gilfoyle, T. CC 511 tgilfoy@luc.edu  
Gorn, E. CC 559 egorn@luc.edu  
Gross-Diaz, T. CC 545 tgross@luc.edu  
Hamilton, T. CC 546  thamilton2@luc.edu  
Hajdarpasic, E. CC 541 ehajdarpasic@luc.edu  
Hunt, D. Bradford CC 515 dhunt1@luc.edu   
Jacobson, S.   sjacobson1@luc.edu  
Johnson, B. CC 544 bjohnson25@luc.edu  
Jones Hemenway, E. CC 117 ehemenway@luc.edu  
Karamanski, T. CC 517 tkarama@luc.edu  
Kaufman, S. CC 513 skaufman@luc.edu  
Kaya, M.   mkaya1@luc.edu  
Khodarkovsky, M. CC 507 mkhodar@luc.edu  
Lapsley, J.   jlapsle@luc.edu  
LiaBraaten, C.   cliabraaten@luc.edu  
Lorenzini, P.   plorenzini@luc.edu   
Manning, Kathleen   kmanning1@luc.edu  
McChesney, M.   mmcchesney@luc.edu  
Stabler Miller, T. CC 506 tstabler@luc.edu  
Mooney-Melvin, P. CC 523 pmooney@luc.edu  
Nickerson, M. CC 537 mnickerson@luc.edu  
O'Connor, K. LT 926 kocon6@luc.edu  
Padilla, V. CC 334E  vpadilla@luc.edu  
Pincince, J. CC 527 jpincince@luc.edu  
Santamaria, G. CC 504 gsantamaria@luc.edu On leave, 2021-22 AY
Schloesser, S. CC 513 sschloesser@luc.edu  
Searcy, K. CC 531 ksearcy@luc.edu  
Shannon, Hope   hshannon1@luc.edu  
Shermer, E. CC 473 eshermer@luc.edu  
Shook, C.   cshook@luc.edu   
Suszko, M. CC 508 msuszko@luc.edu  
Valussi, E. CC 552 evalussi@luc.edu  
Weinreb, A. CC 550 aweinreb@luc.edu  
Wilson, A. LT 926 awilso@luc.edu  


Hays, David
Administrative Assistant
CC 539 773.508.2221 dhays1@luc.edu
Libaris, Tim
Graduate Program Assistant
CC 501  773.508.2182 tlibari@luc.edu