Loyola University Chicago

Mathematics and Statistics

STAT 336: Advanced Biostatistics

Course Details
Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: STAT 203 or STAT 335
Description:  An intensive study of experimental design (including interaction, analysis of covariance, and crossover designs) and the analysis of designed studies, simple and multiple linear regression, generalized linear and nonlinear regression (logistic and log-linear models), bioassay, relative potency and drug synergy, multivariate analysis (including MANOVA and multivariate regression), repeated measures (designs and analysis), and survival analysis (Cox proportional odds, log-rank tests, Kaplan-Meier estimation) of censored data. The emphasis is on applications instead of statistical theory, and students are required to analyze real-life datasets using statistical packages such as Minitab and SAS, though no previous programming experience is assumed. This class is cross-listed with BIOL 336.