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LUC AWM Student Chapter



The Loyola University Chicago AWM Student Chapter is organized and will be operated for educational and scientific purposes to promote the following:

    1. increased knowledge of and greater interest in the mathematical sciences, including pure and applied mathematics, statistics, and their applications;
    2. a greater understanding of the contributions of women in the mathematical sciences; and
    3. mentoring and encouraging women and girls as they consider and/or prepare for careers in the mathematical sciences.

The Chapter embraces the policy of the AWM regarding a welcoming environment for all its activities. See https://awm-math.org/about/ and  https://awm-math.org/policy-advocacy/welcoming-environment/

For any questions please email the faculty advisor at crovi@luc.edu. 

WebpageLUC AWM Student Chapter

President: Isabel Reuteria

Vice president: Maria Redle

Treasurer: Anurathi Madasi

Faculty advisorDr. Carmen Rovi